There is only one such day in the year – the real “Artistic Jewelry Festival” – when you can see in Munich almost 100 various galleries full of contemporary artists’ avantgarde jewelry from all over the world.

100 artistic jewelry exhibitions

We’re of course talking about Munich Jewellery Week organized by Current Obsession Magazine, which every year gathers hundreds of creators, students and collectioners. So if you want to get a taste of the real artistic world  there you go  at Jewellery Week you’ll get a lot of jewelry related talks. Because it is here where everyone with characteristic large map moves among galleries, lectures and mobile exhibitions on the streets (the program is really dense and very diversified) and everyone is as bonkers about jewelry as we, Magpies.

If you’re not afraid of getting flooded with tons of jewelry, then click our video. When you see it, I’ll tell you about the most important event accompanying Munich Jewellery Week… click, click! 

Schmuck 2017.

You’re probably wondering:  “What the hell is this SCHMUCK”? I won’t leave you without an answer, Magpie. It is a prestigious artistic jewelry exhibition taking place during Munich Jewellery Week and at the same time amazing mixture of jewelry: humorist, ironic, colorful, serious, conceptual   –  made of various materials.

It is on Schmuck that every year you get to know the trends in designer jewelry. And how prestigious is it? I will tell you so… almost a thousand people from different continents competes for participation. All clear, right?  

This year, 67 artists from 31 countries were invited to the exhibition. The selection was made by Cornelie Holzach, the manager of Europe’s largest Jewelry Museum in Pforzheim. The exhibition could be seen at the International Handmade Fair in Messegelände München.

Bravo, bravo! Polish artists at Jewellery Week.

And since we are talking about Schmuck, it is worth praising Sara Gackowska, whose works were shown at the Schmuck 2017 main exhibition, and her brooch Conversion II made it to the catalog (in paper!). A round of applause for Sara, because for many years no one from Poland got to the exhibition. Moreover, we high fived Sara at awesome exhibition: Merging 84 GHz, which was one of the events at Jewellery Week. Bravo, bravo! 


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As you know the jewelry exhibitions are often shown in sterile glass drawers. Yes, just like in the jewelry shops. This creates a distance between the object and the spectator. At the tog_ther ! Fill in e or a exhibition curated by Gisbert Stach and Rose Stach it was different. Here the role of displays played chairs…

For me the exhibition is fantastic. And I was very happy to see works of two Polish artists: Arek Wolski’s Self-portrait in five pieces and Sławomir Fijałkowski.

I’ll tell you, Magpie, that not only we appreciated them. An extensive article was also written by Klimt02, that is the most influential portal dealing only with artistic jewelry (and acknowledged Wolski’s  work). Ah! We’re excited when Polish artists are so praised in the world.

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Exhibition: tog_ther ! Fill in: e or aPeter Bauhuis, Emese Benczúr, David Bielander, Florian Buddeberg, Shirin Damerji, Anna Eichlinger, Susanne Elstner, Sławomir Fijałkowski, Christiane Förster, Réka Lörincz, Daniel Michel, Anna Moll, Pavol Prekop, Nicola Scholz, Kristýna Španihelová, Gisbert Stach, Rose Stach, Norman Weber, Arek Wolski, Christoph Zellweger | Kunstpavillon

See your next year. 

Time to take you for a real walk around galleries!

But before you start visiting, write down in your calendar the date of the next edition  – 06.03-12.03 2018 – we’ve paved that brilliant way and we’ll be happy to answer your questions that would pop up at the back of your head before you go. Come back with them in comments whenever you need.

Nice watching, Magpie. 

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